Bar Tables

Need a piece of furniture designed for a drink or two? Treemendous Designs creates custom, handmade rustic bar tables for homes, businesses, mancaves, and everything in between for drinks, conversation, and having a good time around a beautiful piece of furniture.

While we’ve built just about every kind of bar in our many decades of log furniture and craftsmanship experience, our custom bar tables can take any shape or size. For most, a rectangular or circular bar table may be the best shape for a live edge wood piece, with the ideal dimensions and shape always dependent on the size of the room.

Custom, Handmade Rustic Log Bar Tables

As most bar tables are “high-tops'' designed for sitting and standing, Tremendous Designs can customize any piece to perfectly fit the perfect height for a room. With a tall, slender exposed wood log frame topped by a smoothly sliced live edge surface, our handmade bar tables are designed to be attractive and functional from top to bottom. 

And best of all, Treemendous Designs' custom log furniture is always constructed using only high-quality woods grown directly on our property in Northwest Indiana. When considering bar tables, we can also work with you to create the ideal set of stools or chairs for any home and budget. 

About Us

If you’re looking for the perfect rustic bar table for your space, Treemendous Designs is here to work with you to make that a reality. With handmade pieces and personal touches on all our custom log furniture for sale, our family-owned business always takes the time to assure that our work is perfected for the benefit of our customers.

To get started on a custom bar table, or if you have questions about any of our log furniture, feel free to give us a call at 574-721-5194 to speak to a member of the Treemendous Designs team today. Or send an email to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.