Clocks & Clock Cases

Creating custom, handmade clocks, and clock cases, Treemendous Designs is the perfect place to purchase any piece of handmade log furniture. While we cut our teeth in the world of home building and custom carpentry, every piece of log furniture we build is designed to bring a rustic and cozy feel to any interior space.

You’ll never get tired of checking the time when you purchase a live edge clock case from Treemendous Designs. Whether it's a large, towering grandfather clock, or a small and meaningful desk piece, all our clocks and clock cases are designed to last for generations, using only high-quality materials and woods sourced directly from our property in Northwest Indiana. 

Custom, Handmade Live Edge Clock Cases

Clocks and clock cases can be great gifts for anyone, whether it be a housewarming, graduation, retirement, or really, any other occasion. With a custom, live edge wood clock case, we can work with you to create a new family heirloom: one that will always be functional, no matter what time (or year) it is.

As a gift to a loved one or simply to yourself, Treemendous Designs is happy to create a wide range of custom clock cases in a variety of sizes, styles, and prices. 

Why Choose Treemendous Designs?

Treemendous Designs is more than just a custom furniture manufacturer. We are a family-owned company that puts heart, sweat, and decades of experience into every piece of our handmade log furniture, from the smallest clock to the largest table. Although clocks and clock cases are certainly “timeless,” we also sell many other evergreen gifts like custom seating, lighting, and even pool tables.

Want to find out more about our handmade wood clocks and clock cases? Email us anytime at or call Treemendous Designs at 574-721-5194 for information, answers, and estimates. We look forward to hearing from you!