Dining Tables and Conference Tables

For your home, office, or cabin in the woods, there is no centerpiece quite like a handmade log table. Whether it is a dining table, conference table, or simply the place where everyone likes to gather, Treemendous Designs is proud to create custom live edge tables of all shapes and sizes.

More than anything, our live edge conference and dining tables are designed to be bold and functional. With large clean cuts of exposed wood, the natural look and feel of a handmade wooden table can impress guests and wow potential clients, while creating a warm atmosphere during any get-together. 

Handmade, Log Dining and Conference Tables

Dining tables and conference tables are some of the most satisfying pieces of log furniture that we create in our shop. From choosing the right materials to sanding and sealing the surface, we love every step of the process and always take all the time necessary to perfect every table for the benefit of our customers.

Of course, with every table, you’ll need chairs, and Treemendous Designs creates every piece of log furniture you may need to complete your space. Although a lot of our furniture inventory will sell out quickly, feel free to check out what is currently for sale to see available items or inspire your next custom order.

Why Buy from Treemendous Designs?

Using only high-quality wood that we source directly from our land in Northwest Indiana, every one of our dining tables and conference tables are handcrafted with decades of experience. We are a family-owned business and treat all our customers with the respect they deserve by never settling for less than one hundred percent satisfaction on all orders.

To contact Treemendous Designs for questions, inquiries, and custom orders, please call us at 574-721-5194 or send a message to bob@treemendousdesigns.com anytime. We look forward to hearing from you!