The next time you pull up a seat, create a conversation with a custom, rustic, handcrafted log chair from Treemendous Designs. With seats built for one, two, or more, we design and assemble a wide variety of log furniture, including live-edge chairs, couches, recliners, and more.

Every king or queen needs their throne, so why not create a one-of-a-kind seat with us? Treemendous Designs is happy to harness our creativity and craftsmanship in line with the needs of your home, whether it be a singular lounging chair or an entire series of seats for dining or even sitting by the bar. 

Custom, Rustic, and Handcrafted Live Edge Chairs and Couches

From stools to full-size couches, every piece of our custom log furniture is handcrafted to be stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting. While we don’t anticipate people will stop sitting anytime soon, finding the right seat or set of chairs for your space can create an heirloom for people to enjoy for generations. 

So, whether you’re looking to furnish your cabin, or would like to bring the woods home to your place in town, Treemendous Designs has every piece of log furniture you may need. Beyond the chairs, couches, and other seats, we also are proud to create a variety of wooden furniture pieces including cabinets, clock cases, and even custom pool tables

The Treemendous Design Experience 

While large manufacturing companies would like you to think otherwise, when it comes to handcrafted wood furniture, nothing is quite like the real thing. Our family-owned business has been working in the area for decades, and today all our custom furniture is made from the very logs and woods found in our backyard.

For custom orders, inquiries, and questions, please contact us anytime by sending an email to Or give us a call at 574-721-5194. We are always excited to talk about your dream project